Optimal Locations
for Fresh Produce

We believe high-quality produce can only be achieved by growing in optimal locations that allow our seeds to thrive. That’s why our entire farming operation follows the sun from ranch to ranch. Each farm has been carefully selected for soil, climate and environmental factors that allow us to grow year-round.

From April to October, we grow our produce on ranches stretching from Castroville to Soledad in California. Then from November to March, we farm land in Yuma, Arizona, the Imperial Valley and Oxnard, California (with celery ranches in Oxnard continuing to grow through June). In between our main growing seasons, we leverage farmland in Huron, California. And all the while we are growing premium fresh lettuces at our state-of-the-art greenhouses in Livingston, Tennessee. This rotation schedule ensures not only premium quality products, but surety of supply for our customers and consumers.

Our Locations

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