Vertical Integration
From Field to Fork

We are in our fields from dusk to dawn, taking great pride in caring for our farms to bring you premium quality produce year-round. From the soil to the harvest, we are involved in the growing process every step of the way to ensure the freshest produce arrives on your plate.


It starts with selecting the highest quality seed for the growing region, time of year and type of soil to ensure surety of supply. Like a house, a strong seed needs a strong, well-planned foundation (the soil). Before planting our seeds and transplants, we level the ground and test the soil.


We use two different methods to plant our fields: direct seed planting and transplanting. With direct seed planting, the seed is planted directly into the soil and will germinate in the field. With transplanting, the plants are started in a tray in a greenhouse environment and then are planted in the field as a young plant. Transplanting ensures that the field is full of healthy, strong plants and allows for us to rotate our fields faster to make the best use of our soil and resources.


Once planted, we strongly believe that the best thing for our products is the grower’s shadow. Our growers carefully monitor fields to make sure the plants are healthy, pest free and have enough nutrients and water until they are harvested. If a problem arises, our in-house pest control advisors and pest management system helps our growers make sure the fields can combat common insect and soil borne diseases in a way that maintains the safest product for consumption.


We regularly invest in state-of-the-art harvesting equipment and continue to stay on top of new technological advances and innovations. Our harvest team has decades of combined experience, allowing them to work efficiently and safely to deliver you the freshest possible produce. Our industry-leading employee practices also mean we have a sustainable, long-term workforce.


Once harvested, produce arrives in our cooler where it is added to our inventory, cooled to ensure quality and shipped to a location near you!

Year-Round Produce

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