Our People

Tanimura & Antle is committed to providing Quality, Service, and Innovation with employee owners exhibiting the right Principles, Ownership, & Accountability

At Tanimura & Antle, we are one of the few companies that prefer to hire our employees directly.  This allows us to nurture the employment relationship from its inception with a strong introduction to our Company and unique culture.  We do everything we can to attract and preserve a strong work force.  This means providing competitive wages and benefits as well as fostering a company culture that is respectful and appreciative of employee contributions regardless of title, rank, or seniority.  We are proud of our skilled workforce that ranges from farming experts and scientists in food safety and agronomy to mechanical engineers, sales staff, accountants, lawyers and MBAs.

We believe that our employees:

  • Should have an opportunity for input by having an open door policy to express themselves to anyone in management about a concern or idea
  • Earn the right to receive full benefits, competitive wages and a comfortable working environment so we can all prosper
  • Have a responsibility to be a good neighbor by supporting community endeavors that, in turn, support our workforce and their families

Principles, Ownership and Accountability

Tanimura & Antle is committed to providing Quality, Service, and Innovation with employee owners exhibiting the right Principles, Ownership, & Accountability.

  • Principles – Strong character, strong values, and strong work ethic. Our employees are driven for excellence, respect others, and are great team players.
  • Ownership – Experts in their fields, they lead by example, and empower each other by constructing a learn-by-doing environment. We know that great ideas can come from anywhere and we encourage employees to always express themselves as they share in our success.
  • Accountability – Our employees are accepting, have strong a willingness to be responsible, and deliver real results.

In our field and harvest operations, Tanimura & Antle leads the industry in employee wages. We see our employees as our extended family and our comprehensive benefit package provides our more than 2,200 full-time workers with:

  • Medical, dental, vision and life insurance for employees, spouses and children
  • 401(k) retirement plan with 4% employer matching contribution
  • Both year-round and seasonal employment opportunities with some of our full-time employees traveling to our primary growing regions
  • Free, voluntary & confidential counseling sessions (EAP Program)
  • End of Season Bonuses for field laborers
  • Length of Service Bonuses (over 250 field labor employees have been with the company for over 20 years)
  • Scholarship Program for the children of our employees heading to college.
  • Paid jury and witness duty leave
  • Paid bereavement leave
  • Paid sick leave (in excess of the legal mandates)
  • Base wages in excess of legal minimums

Employee Housing

In 2016, Tanimura & Antle opened the doors to the first of its kind, Agricultural Employee Housing.  The goal? To provide clean, safe and affordable housing for our seasonal employees and to address the labor shortage impacting Monterey County. It is the company’s belief that all employees are entitled to a healthy community with affordable housing and we hope that others in the industry will follow suit.  Read more about our housing, Spreckels Crossing, here

Internship Program

The Tanimura & Antle College Level Internship Program has a long history of providing college students the opportunity to continue their agricultural education in a real world environment.  Learn more here.