February 27, 2018

Straight Talk: Weeks 9, 10, 11

Supply Forecast: February 25th – March 17th 

Cold wet weather in Yuma, Huron, and Salinas has reduced supplies and ended months of severely depressed markets. Morning ice has delayed harvest times and compromised quality. Early desert warm temperatures pulled much of the late season production forward. The current cold temps and wet weather in all growing regions is reducing volumes during the coming weeks with real concerns of a potential supply gap during the transition north. Open market values for nearly all commodities are seeing multiple dollar increases daily, with many shippers quoting Open Pricing and Sold Out.

Cold temperatures coupled with multiple wet weather patterns in Salinas and Huron will likely create widespread delays to anticipated transition dates. A great number of growers attempt to make the direct jump from Yuma to Salinas. This can be a challenging scenario even during “normal” weather patterns. Tanimura & Antle is uniquely prepared for such a scenario with our Huron land base, which bridges the Transition between Yuma and Salinas. An early finish to the desert coupled with the possibility of a late and unpredictable start in Salinas has grower/shippers taking an increasingly cautious position when it comes to advance commitments and pricing. Expectations are for strong market conditions and limited supplies to continue through this period.

Did You Know?

Tanimura & Antle harvest machines are designed to improve worker ergonomics, product quality and food safety.

All of Tanimura & Antle’s harvest machines are designed and built internally by a very talented team of engineers and mechanics. The machines have counter height stainless steel packing platforms that provide worker ergonomics and make sure that harvested products never touch ground. The surfaces are made of stainless steel materials with sanitary welding that are easy to clean and sterilize each day. The machines are able to carry all packing supplies needed for the day such as cartons, bags, pallets and chlorinated water. Extremely efficient, our harvest machines are also able to transfer up to eight pallets to a truck within a few minutes to then deliver to our cooler to maintain top quality and freshness. Lastly, each machine can easily be transported to our various growing locations.

Our Community of People: 

Tom Casas, Vice President of Information Technology

Tom Casas started at Tanimura & Antle in January of 1998 in Lead Mechanization and will join the company’s 20 Year Club this year. Over the years, Tom has worked in various areas of the company. He has been instrumental in developing technology projects such as our vendor managed inventory program and the mechanization of various areas of the company. Today, Tom is Tanimura & Antle’s Vice President of Information Technology. Outside of the company, Tom provides his expertise to industry committees such as the PTI Master Data Committee and is currently a member of the PTI Leadership Council.

“There are so many things I like about Tanimura & Antle. Some of the biggest include the opportunities the company provides to grow in your career while also working with great, bright and enthusiastic people. Although a big company, we still have a tight-knit family environment, which is nice. I also love the company’s commitment to community outreach and that we support our local community.”