November 30, 2017

Straight Talk: Weeks 48, 49, 50

Supply Forecast: November 26th – December 16th 

Ideal growing conditions in the Sonoran Desert Valleys have pulled available production forward, creating industry oversupply just as the elevated demand of the Thanksgiving Holiday has come to an end.  An untimely trucking shortage and extremely high freight market during the Thanksgiving pull resulted in a substantial amount of no shows and missed delivery dates.  This left shippers with considerable inventories to work through as harvest numbers reached peak levels.  Supply has significantly exceeded demand for most commodities, driving pricing to “red ink” levels.

While grower/shippers clamber for orders now, the oversupply will likely translate to production shortages down the road.  The question becomes, WHEN does the hole in availability manifest?  With some light to moderate lettuce ice projected in the next few weeks, it could occur sooner than later.  The severely depressed Cauliflower market will likely be the first to turn back around.  Harvest projections for the coming weeks are trending below budgeted levels, which is not surprising given the amount of product harvested and shipped over the past several weeks. Broccoli will likely follow suit in the weeks following.

Celery has remained strong throughout the Thanksgiving holiday and will likely experience industry shortages for this year’s Christmas pull.  Inconsistent stands in Oxnard, coupled with the projected late start to the Florida deal should push markets higher than we’ve experienced over the past several weeks.  Lettuce and leafy green supplies remain abundant, and markets have been stubborn to get up off the floor.  Short term expectations are for ample supplies until weather conditions cool in the dessert.  Any cooling trend could rapidly change this position…The question again, is WHEN?

Did You Know?

Tanimura & Antle provides free and safe parking place for our customer’s trucks.

Truck transportation is of critical importance to the success of our business. Tanimura & Antle loads more than 2,000 trucks per week. At Tanimura & Antle, we make it priority to keep our drivers happy, providing safe parking, amenities and guaranteed loading appointments. We have a paved truck lot for waiting trucks with over 75 parking spaces, 24 hour security and wifi internet access. We operate a café on site, offer free coffee and healthy food choices for the drivers.


Our Community of People: 

Sal Casteneda, Employee Housing Manager

Sal Casteneda has always exemplified the company’s core values of attitude, ownership, and accountability – this leadership led to his promotion in 2015 to his current role as Employee Housing Manager. A second generation Tanimura & Antle employee, he started in the cooler where, over 15 years, he received 5 promotions up to the 2IC position reporting to Jose Campos.

Today, Sal manages Tanimura & Antle’s employee housing complexes in Yuma, Arizona, and Spreckels, California. He and his team of 9 manage 6 facilities with housing capacity of over 1,600 employee residents. The responsibilities are enormous and include seasonal on-boarding of new residents, managing the on-site store, resident room assignments, facilities management, educational programs for the residents (e.g. ESL and GDE certification) and much more.

With first-hand experience growing up in a farm labor camp, Sal is passionate about the importance of affordable, safe and clean employee housing. In his words, the Tanimura & Antle housing provides much more than the recruitment and retention of our employee owners, it also changes lives.

And congratulations to Sal and his son Salvador Castenada III. Sal III, now attending his first year at UC Davis, graduated this year as the Valedictorian of Everett Alvarez High School in Salinas.