November 9, 2017

Straight Talk: Weeks 45, 46, 47


Supply Forecast: November 5th – November 25th

Preparing for and managing through the transition tests all facets of the produce industry. For Tanimura & Antle, operations can be spread to as many as 5 different locations over this period. Loading locations in Salinas, Hollister, Huron, Oxnard, and Yuma briefly overlap as growing areas make their annual move southward. Balancing efficiencies between loading locations with truck picks can prove logistically challenging. Each day requires quick and decisive responses in order to maintain the high level of customer service Tanimura & Antle demands of itself.
The Thanksgiving “holiday pull” tends to be the highest customer demand of the year for many commodities, Celery being the most notable. Every year, this “pull” falls squarely in the middle of the Transition. Seamlessly managing our migration across these geographic areas along with the elevated production levels, requires long hours and late nights by our employees. Their extraordinary efforts have positioned us well to meet customer demand for the holiday pull.
Current Lettuce and Leafy Greens overlaps in growing regions has resulted in lower market values. Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Celery have remained high and are showing no sign of weakening through the Thanksgiving holiday. Increased demand from the pull should strengthen the weaker leaf markets.

Did You Know?

Tanimura & Antle harvest machines are sanitized daily using very high tech mobile cleaning units. 

Each cleaning unit is equipped with high pressure air cleaning unit, potable water, liquid soap and sanitizers. All cleaning chemicals are biodegradable. Each sanitation unit is operated by 4 employees trained in equipment sanitation and chemical handling.

Before cleaning and sanitation, harvest machines are parked away from the crops to be harvested. Cleaning process includes high pressure air cleaning proceeding from top to bottom. Then plant residue is removed using high pressure water, scrubbing and soap. After removing the soap residue, all product contact surfaces are sanitized using chlorine based solutions.


Our Community of People:

Anthony Mazzuca, Sr. Director of Commodity Management 

Anthony Mazzuca started at Tanimura & Antle in 2004 as a Sales Manager and has steadily accumulated leadership responsibilities to become not only the “man behind the BBQ” but also a vital strategic leader at the hub interface of all our company activities.

In his current role as Sr. Dir, he and his team of eight have many key responsibilities including:

–  Coordinating the daily activities between production, harvest, sales, QA and the cooler with real-time strategic decisions to ultimately optimize our brand integrity

–  Driving profitable business growth, setting the WPP’s, the committed sales targets and achieving price objectives

–  Managing our customer expectations and establishing allocation road maps

–  Maintaining a deep understanding of the industry, the landscape, the demand and the markets

Anthony is a graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and the United Fresh Cornell University Executive Leadership Program.

Beyond his very long hours and keen ability to lead through the many complexities and volatilities of our industry, he still manages to be the devoted father of four (including newborn “Henry”) and a devoted community volunteer with, among others, Monterey County Farm Days and the Spreckels School Garden Project.

And yes, there is a reason he is the man behind the BBQ.  He’s a legitimate gourmet chef, not to mention a formidable Pedro player.