May 2, 2018

Straight Talk: Weeks 18, 19, 20

Supply Forecast: April 29th – May 19th

As we bid farewell to our San Joaquin Valley operations for the season, all eyes are now fixed on Salinas Valley production.  Iceberg lettuce and other leafy greens are experiencing a significant uptick in demand, a result of the ongoing fallout from the recent outbreak associated with Yuma, AZ grown Romaine.  While grower/shippers and customers alike understand that any potentially effected Romaine is long past expiration dates, and growing regions have shifted, the return of consumer confidence can be difficult to predict.  Tanimura & Antle is actively communicating that our current supply of romaine lettuce is California Grown.

Recent weather in Salinas has trended cooler than normal, slowing growth for a variety of commodities.  Processor demand for Iceberg acres has added fuel to a market that has already caught fire.  Acres are prematurely harvested to meet raw product demand which, in turn, diminishes yields.  Increased demand coupled with slowed growth and diminished yields will keep availability tight and markets strong through this period.  Expect USDA Mostly Market calls to exceed $20/carton this week for Iceberg.

Tanimura & Antle’s NEW crop of Artisan Sweet Italian Red Onions began shipping on May 1st.  Our conventional and organic Artisan Sweet Italian Red Onions are unrivaled in quality and flavor during the summer months.  Be on the lookout for our Be Bold display contest happening May 14th through July 8th at retailers across the U.S. and Canada.  Display bins and point of purchase materials are available to all participating customers, visit for details.

In Loving Memory of Rick Lester Antle

“On Friday, April 27th, 2018 the life of Rick Lester Antle was celebrated by his Tanimura & Antle employees, family & friends. We were pleased to all come together and participate in the fond memories of Rick and his shared moments. A special thank you to all that took the time out of your busy schedule to attend, and for some, from great distances. Those that were unable to attend, were missed. It was truly an event worthy of Rick’s memory.”

– Scott Grabau, President

Our Community of People:

Patricia Gutierrez, Ag Operations Business Manager

Before working at Tanimura & Antle Patricia Gutierrez was a student receptionist at Mission Trails ROP Center while in between high school classes. She then went on to attend Heald Business College where she received her degree in accounting. Patricia started working at Tanimura & Antle in May of 1991, which means she is celebrating her 27th year with the company this month!

Patricia’s first responsibility with Tanimura & Antle was writing up spray tags that, at the time, had to be reported to the county on a daily basis. She has fulfilled many other roles during her 27 years including: receptionist, office manager, and executive assistant. Patricia is now the Ag Operations Business Manager in which she is responsible for handling grower agreements; land rents/leases; scheduling; grower costs for seed plants, chemicals, plantings, mulching, etc.; weekly production plans; office management; and farm support analysis. “When given various responsibilities, take them, don’t focus on one thing because Tanimura & Antle is an excellent teacher,” Patricia says of her many stints within the company.

She believes in a good work ethic, and that the work you put in is a reflection of who you are. When asked what has kept her dedicated to the Tanimura & Antle team she said, “Great owners who I have had the opportunity to work with throughout the years and who take care of their employees”.

Away from work she enjoys traveling and hiking, and spending quality time with her two children, Jessica (16), and Alex (19)—who works at Tanimura & Antle part time, while attending Hartnell College.