Farm Fleet & New Technology Implementation Manager

Our Company:

Tanimura & Antle is an employee-owned family farming business with a four-generation legacy and a passionate commitment to growing premium quality produce.  As one of the largest independent vegetable growers in the United States, Tanimura & Antle farms more than 36,000 acres of rich, fertile farmland and ships a full line of premium fresh conventional, organic and greenhouse grown produce products throughout the nation.

We are looking for employees that fit into the Tanimura & Antle culture and want to have an impact on our growth and success.  We believe in, and are committed to, creating a sustainable future through innovation throughout our operations. 

Our Mission:  To “Consistently provide our customers fresh and healthy premium produce with superior customer service that meets and exceeds their quality and value expectations”

Our Vision:  To “Operate as a highly innovative company, sustainably growing, while enhancing the lives of all through employee ownership and customer inspired partnerships”

The Role:

This position will be responsible for a variety of activities associated with our farm machinery, emerging technology and other farm related tasks such as farm supplies, maintaining records and shop scheduling. Understanding emerging technology and implementing applicable products on the farm is a key component to this position.


Areas of Responsibility: 

  • Organizes & Prioritizes all Farm R&M activities to maximize efficiencies
  • Keeps a well maintained tidy shop and equipment fleet
  • General maintenance on tractor and farm implements: Oil changes, bearing repair etc.
  • Inspect tractors and implements to perform repairs or to perform preventive maintenance
  • Develop & implement maintenance schedules for all farm equipment & implements
  • Maintain accurate inventories of all farm supplies and parts
  • Negotiate best prices & purchase needed farm supplies
  • Monitor all bulk fuel, oil, grease and DEF purchases
  • Understand, learn, and assist in development of the following: Drones, GPS Equipment, laser equipment, irrigation and tillage methods, irrigation boom and control, precision fertilizer applications, mechanical weeder, auto thinner, moisture monitors
  • Stay abreast of new technology that will assist farm efficiency
  • Network with others in the industry
  • Assist with the implementation of new technology
  • Shop and farm compliance with County Health, State Regulators, EPA including water & nitrogen use reporting
  • Assist in monitoring farm activities such as planting, irrigation, tractor work
  • Assist Farm Manager and supervisors on work schedules, farm budget and special events (field days, etc.).
  • Maintain inventory records; recommend purchase of equipment, materials, supplies and other related items
  • Daily, weekly, monthly shop schedules prioritizing with Farm Managers, Farm Supervisors & Farm Director
  • Keep in close communication with all farming staff
  • Participate in weekly farm meetings
  • Shop and Farm compliance with County Health, State Regulators, EPA etc.

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