Our Farms


We believe that high quality produce starts with the best quality soil in optimal growing locations.  Each of our ranches have been carefully selected for soil, climate, and environmental factors that allow us to grow year-round to consistently supply our customers.   Our farming operations follow the sun from Salinas, California to Yuma, Arizona.  From April to October, our produce is grown on ranches stretching from from Castroville to Soledad in California.  During the winter months, we move our farming operations to Yuma, Arizona and the Imperial Valley, California.   Annually throughout our growing locations, Tanimura & Antle owns 27,000 acres and farms 40,000 acres with our valued growing partners.

Like a house, a strong crop starts with a strong, well planned foundation.  Stewardship and soil health of our farmlands are among our top priorities.  Without healthy, prosperous  land to grow our produce, we wouldn’t have a business.  Therefore, we care for our land correctly to ensure long term sustainability for both the environment and our business.  Our in-house team of experts ensure that our land is properly maintained by leveling the ground to ensure equal distribution of irrigation water, testing the soil to guarantee correct levels of vitamins and minerals for plants to thrive, and being sure that soil is free of any soil borne diseases prior to planting our seeds and transplants.


Watering Methods

We understand that water is one of our most precious resources, without it, cultivating our standard of quality produce wouldn’t be possible.  George Tanimura was one of the first adopters of drip irrigation.  By utilizing drip tape, we’re able to target water application in our fields and deliver water directly to the root zone.  We have also made large investments in efficient, safe wells and water technology systems to ensure a steady water source for our fields.



Tanimura & Antle growers are among the most innovative in the industry.  Seeking efficiency that aligns with our commitment to quality land stewardship has led to remarkable innovations on our farms. Each field is individually farmed and monitored to ensure the  utmost quality. Growing produce is a dynamic process and timing is critical.  We believe that the only way to ensure premium quality produce is to keep our fields in our sight from start to finish, controlling each step along the way.  Every phase of production is monitored and cared for by Tanimura & Antle employees from thinning fields to weeding to laying drip tape – we call this department our Farm Support Services.   Growing produce is a dynamic process and timing is critical.  Lots of planning and decisions by our team of Growers, Agronomists, Pest Control Advisors, and Harvest Manager assemble all the pieces to produce the highest quality and freshest product possible.

As a leader grower shipper in the fresh produce industry, Tanimura & Antle recognizes the need for organic farming as well as conventional farming.  Read more about our organic produce here.

Our strongest belief is that the best fertilizer for our fields is our grower’s shadow.



It all starts with our innovative growers operating family owned land and grower partner family farms.  Our highly experienced team of trusted growers bring together many years of growing fresh produce.  We also have a long-standing internship program to ensure knowledge is passed down and continue the success of our farms.  As  an art and a science, our growers are very adept at combining experience and science to grow fresh produce with the least amount of inputs.


True to our innovative roots, harvest is no exception. Here are just a few of the ways we approach harvesting to deliver produce to our retail partners.

  • Making significant investments in state-of-the-art harvesting equipment
  • Staying on top of new technological advances and innovations
  • Employing a team of harvest experts with decades of combined experience
  • Ensuring our harvest team upholds our commitment to sharing knowledge and empowering each other
  • Supporting our harvest team with a dedicated maintenance crew
  • Offering transportation to our workforce from various locations to our fields
  • Ensuring a sustainable, long-term work force through leading the industry in employee practices