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Broccoflower® was originally developed in Holland and has been grown in the U.S. for nearly twenty years. Its hybrid name was coined by Tanimura & Antle who first marketed it as Broccoflower® in 1989. It tastes similar to cauliflower when raw, and is milder and sweeter when cooked. Broccoflower® is a good source of vitamin C and folate.


Broccoflower® brand green cauliflower is exclusively available from Tanimura & Antle, and should feel firm, heavy and compact. The leaves should be fresh in appearance, and the heads should be light to medium green, with tight, unblemished curds.


Wash Broccoflower® just before preparing. Store in the refrigerator in an area with good circulation and away from ethylene-producing fruits to avoid discoloration, spotting or decay.


Broccoflower® can be eaten raw or cooked. Before cooking, cut florets into similar sizes to ensure uniform cooking.

Blanch or serve raw in your favorite salad or as vegetable dippers. Layer with cheese and bottled Alfredo sauce and bake for a vegetable gratin.

Stir-fry or roast with curry sauce. Mash for a colorful folate rich alternative to potatoes.

Recipe Ideas:

Roasted Broccoli
Italian Chopped Salad
RBI Salad
Bone Crunching Layered Salad with Mustard-Beer Dressing & Pretzel Crunchers
Sesame Broccoflower® Stir Fry
Curry Roasted Broccoflower®
Broccoflower® Mash with Horseradish
Broccoflower®, Cranberry and Almond Salad
Broccoflower® Salad with Orange & Sesame
Broccoflower® Risotto with Wild Mushrooms
Broccoflower® and Roasted Red Pepper Salad

Safe Handling Suggestions

Always wash all fresh produce with luke-warm running water prior to eating or preparing. Tanimura & Antle produce is harvested at the peak of freshness directly from the field.

  1. Wash hands with hot soapy water before and after handling fresh produce.
  2. Refrigerate produce as soon as possible after purchasing. Refrigerate cut or chopped produce within two hours of peeling or cutting. Once cut, leftover produce should be discarded if left at room temperature for more than two hours.
  3. Wash all vegetables with cool tap water immediately before eating. Don't use soap or detergents. Cut away any bruised or damaged areas before eating.