Artisan Romaine

Tanimura & Antle Artisan® Romaine is now considered Pareve and Kosher for year round use including Passover.  Certified by Orthodox Rabbinic Certifiers of San Francisco.

Artisan Romaine has the refreshing crunch of iceberg lettuce & the sweet flavor of a romaine heart. The unique shape of each leaf offers many uses beyond the salad bowl for healthy delicious and convenient meals. Grown on USA family farms, we harvest at the peak of freshness & quality using sustainable growing practices.

Make it a meal or the salad course. Each Artisan Romaine 2 count bag will make at least 7 side salads or 3 main dish salads. This unique seed variety provides meal ideas beyond the salad bowl. Fill it, Dip it, Grill it! Visit our Recipe Page for simple and delicious recipe ideas.