Advanced forecasting

Harvest estimates are based on annual sales requirements, creating a realistic forecast. Actual field harvest estimates begin three weeks prior to scheduled harvest and continue to week of harvest. Adjustment to estimates, if necessary are made based on the three weeks of observations.  This allows our sales team to communicate effectively with our customers to keep them in the loop on volumes, quality, and other important information.

Appointment system

Unlike other companies’ logistics, we utilize an appointment system that allows us to increase efficiency for our customers and our operations.  All outbound sales orders require utilization of our dedicated appointment management system and staff. Rather than “first come first served,” our appointment system ensures the utmost efficiency.  All inbound receipts, requiring a dock door, schedule an arrival appointment time.  For appointment information, click here or call 800.772.4542.

Early morning loading

Loading staff is available to service all customers securing transportation prior to scheduled hours of operation. Appointments for early Monday loading can be secured on the Friday prior to scheduled load date. We are proud to be among just a few companies accommodating early Monday morning pickups.