VMI & Delivered Sales


From field to fork, the Tanimura & Antle sales and distribution process is designed to deliver the freshest product available.  From early Monday loading to stay-fresh packaging innovations, we go the extra mile to protect the freshness of our products.  Our sales team is dedicated to excellent service and the Tanimura & Antle promise of delivering Premium Fresh Produce, Every Single Day.

We support our valued retail customers with:

Delivered Sales

We offer transportation services to our customers.  Efficient logistics has never been more critical.  Maximizing freight and loads is one of the many ways we ensure each delivered order comes with added value.  Our delivered sales program offers unique and customizable programs, increased efficiency with priority loading and full trucks, and 24/7 customer support.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

As an added service, we also offer inventory management to customers.  Our customers can rely on accurate, on-demand product inventory information to closely manage and track shipments within our VMI system.  Customers that take advantage of our vendor managed inventory offering have closer relationships with us as a supplier and see increased operational efficiencies.  VMI customers also can count on fresher, premium quality products on their store shelves with a longer shelf life and decreased shrink at the store level with zero risk of loss at the distribution center level.  As a result, VMI retail partners also see increased profitability.