Tanimura & Antle has always been an early adopter of cutting edge technologies throughout the scope of our operations.  True to blending art and science, our implementation of technology has drastically improved our operations, environment, and efficiency.  Our team is unwavering in their commitment for constantly seeking out better practices, new ideas, innovative machinery, custom harvest equipment, etc.  Our team is unafraid to take risks in order to make improvements that benefit the working conditions of our employees, decreases environmental impacts, improves the use of inputs, etc.

Plant Tape

Plant Tape, our latest innovation, was acquired in 2014 by Tanimura & Antle for technical development and commercialization.  Originally developed in Spain, the technology is an innovative transplanting system that addresses numerous critical industry issues and improves agricultural practices and efficiencies.

Learn more about Plant Tape here.




We partner with technology companies to trial emerging equipment and machinery in our fields.  One promising technology on the horizon is autothinning machines.  The technology is a smart implement that attaches to a tractor. The implement contains cameras and processing algorithms that determine which plants in a set spacing are the strongest and most uniform.  After processing, the machine then removes the weaker of the plants by applying a high dose of fertilizer.  Autothinning machines address the critical labor shortage and reduces the need for chemical use.


As a company, we are continually seeking ways to better utilize our existing workforce.  This means utilizing automation wherever possible as it becomes more and more difficult to fill our open positions each year.  The RoboVator is a robotic weeding machine that uses machine vision and mechanical knives to weed and clean fields. The RoboVator is mounted on the back of a typical tractor and uses halogen lamps, infrared cameras, and high powered computers to identify invasive weeds from our growing vegetables. The camera and computer combinations continuously make decisions on what weeds to kill and what crops to save as we drive through the field. As the machine distinguishes the crops from the weeds, small knives engage and cut away weeds that are scattered throughout the bed.

Learn more about RoboVator here.