Food Safety

At Tanimura & Antle, food safety is priority one. All of our food safety programs are quality assured through many in-house and third-party auditors that follow strict policies and procedures to ensure you the safest product possible.  Our food safety programs continue to garner industry attention as cutting edge, and we’re proud to share that knowledge with others by actively participating in programs aimed at industry research and food safety education.  Read more about our commitment to food safety here.


We are committed to sustainable social, economic, and environmental practices in the production and distribution of our premium quality, fresh produce.  From our packaging and energy use to maintaining soil health and monitoring water usage, we’re dedicated to ensuring long-term sustainability for our planet for the next generation.  Read more about our sustainability practices here.


At Tanimura & Antle, we pride ourselves on being an involved and considerate member of our local communities. We choose to support those that directly benefit our communities, our employees, and our industry. We are committed to supporting a variety of organizations.  Read more about our involvement in the community here.